Selasa, 17 September 2013


"Super Model Posebox"
By. TsuKa

Hi guys! I'm very very very sorry! Because, the very very late update! Why? Because, this year is my first time stay at dorm. And i feel so busy...
Badly,now, no DVD-RW at my Laptop. So, my laptop not installed The Sims (either 2 or 3). Wanna buy DVD-RW external, but, no money at here. I so confused, because I miss playing The Sims. But this "doesn't mean" that i stop playing The Sims. (I'm sorry for my vent! ^_^ )

But, i wanna share to you guys! The posebox, i call "Super Model Posebox". There is included 10 poses (5 standing pose, 5 sitting pose. I hope you all like it!!!

Special Thanks :
My God ALLAH S.W.T..
My Parents
My Family
For all creator of The Sims 2 (cc maker)
For downloaders
and You!

Download the file bellow! Enjoy!!! *^_^*

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